Pest Control & Animal Control Services

The professional staff at Stinger Pest Control, LLC is trained and skilled in all areas of pest control. You can be rest assured in knowing that you are going to get great service, the best solutions and prices available.

We are available to answer any questions you may have on pest control, including termite protection and how to keep them and other pests away.

We are a full service pest control company that utilizes the most current technologies and training to ensure your home or business stays pest free.

Animal Control Services Includes:

Animal Trapping
– Our service includes inspection and identifying critter entry and exit points
– Set up of live animal traps and exclusion of all entry/ exit points.
– Trapping for all varmint animals including skunks, raccoons, opossums and squirrels.

Dead Animal Removal
– Service includes inspection and removal of dead animals from crawl spaces, attics,
wall voids, anywhere a critter or rodent may lay.
– Service includes fly control measures and deordorizing of area.

Rodent/Critter Exclusion
– Identifying rodent entry points and set-up of snap traps, rodent glue boards, rodent bait
boxes, and exclusion of entry points.

Pest Control Services Includes:

Scorpion Control
– Scorpion Control includes a perimeter control spray, dusting of attic, dusting of all
weep holes, cracks in structure, and treatment of all potential entry points.

Ant Control
– Service includes inspection and identification of species of ant to include perimeter
control spray around structure and yard, granular treatment around landscaping areas.
Inspection of surrounding areas to control pest and known areas of harborage.

Bee & Wasp Control
– Service includes inspection of structure and treatment for several species of wasp
including eaves and attics. Bee control includes identification and treatment or removal
of pest and hive.

Termite Control
– Termite control service includes inspection of structure and identification of species,
detailed information with several options of treatment.

Flea & Tick Control
– Service includes perimeter control spray of yard and indoor treatment. Treatment of all
pet bedding areas and resting areas.

Rodent Control
– Inspection and identification of rodent entering the structure. Identifying entry points
where rodents are entering structure. Set up of several traps and exclusion of points of

– Inspection and identification of species of roach. Service includes exterior perimeter
spray treatment and interior treatments.